Fifth Grade Assignments

Signed 3rd quarter grade sheet due Wednesday

March 19, 2018

Math- 8.2

Science-WB p218-220

Literature-read chapter 5 and do questions for chapter
Packet for chapters 1-4 due tomorrow
READ for book report-date of report has been changed
Book report handed out today-due MARCH 20

English- workbook pg. 67, signed spelling test due Wednesday, spelling unit 17 test Friday, spelling worksheet 17 due Friday

Social Studies- study for chapter 3 test on Wedesday
5a complete water pollution reading for 2/22



Multiple views:
the look of something from different views

You can see through it when it is over lapped

Marriage of contours:
when 2 or more objects are joined together by an edge

when you move something where it does not go
Shifting planes:
moving of a group of parts to a different spot

Part for the whole: only drawing a part of a whole
Abstraction: making real looking things look out of order by creatively changing line, shape (often to geometric), color, or texture.
Distortion: stretching, shrinking, or bending a sha